10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2011

For dog lovers there is no list more revered than the American Kennel club’s Most Popular Breeds of the year.  And while there are some pooches who seem to top the list decade after decade, each edition of the list always manages to deliver a few surprises.

1. Retrievers (Labrador) – The classic American dog.  Labrador retrievers are smart, lovable and great with kids.  They are the most popular “family” dog according to several breeder surveys.  Although they technically hail from the “Working Group” of dogs as classified by the AKC, Labs love to have fun and will knock you over in pursuit a good tennis ball.

Note that the Labrador Retriever is No. 1 in the USA, Canada and UK.
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Angel and myself in  Lethbridge at the Lions Foundation of Canada Purina dog walk taking part all over Canada. It was a beautiful day and they had a great turn out. 

Hi Carol,
Chester is already famous in town!
He was chosen as Pet of the Week by our local newspaper last week.
Besides winning a gift certificate at the local pet store, he also achieved some notoriety: He started his clicker-training classes this Monday and everybody there recognized him instantly. I must add that he was the teacher's pet...he learns sooo fast.
That was jut too cute!!
He is getting bigger by the day, 35 pounds at 17 weeks, so I think we're going to have a gentle giant just like Griz!
Kat D
Whistler, BC

1. Labrador Retriever - 154,897

Bred primarily as a working gun dog, the Labrador Retriever is a gentle breed, with an outgoing nature and a ridiculously friendly temperament. Known for its "otter tail" (and its drool), this athletic dog can go from the hunt to the showroom to the family room with equal aplomb. It looks just as good after a shampoo as it does following a mudbath - a true Renaissance dog!

Because of their gentle natures, Labrador Retrievers make good pets when children or seniors are part of the household, although as pups they can get extremely wild and energetic. While they aren't aggressive, they do bark to keep the weirdos at bay. Keep in mind that Labs have big appetites and need lots of exercise, but they're big ol' friendly dogs. Hey, 150,000+ people can't be wrong . . .

Our goal at Emelson Labradors is to have our puppies live very happy and fulfilling lives as well as providing years of love and companionship to their new families.
Labrador retrievers make excellent family pets - rated #1most popular dog the past 20 years with the AKC and CKC. 
They are gentle, non aggressive, intelligent, easy to train and reliable with children. This is the breed of choice for use as Seeing Eye / guide dogs. 

All puppies will be sold CKC registered
in your name choice.
The top dog for the 20th consecutive year was the Labrador retriever, 
the American Kennel Club 2011
My company goal is to provide well raised, healthy and loving companion Labrador puppies to families who have been screened and have ensured they will take proper care of their dog. 
I will provide puppy packages to all new owners containing information on feeding, training, vet care, and basic needs. 

I will  provide a 26 month hip guarantee and be available to the new owners if they have any concerns or questions. 

I will encourage the new puppy owners to enroll in a puppy training program. 

I will encourage the families to keep in touch with cards and pictures. 
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beautiful, friendly, family raised, adorable, happy puppies.
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Taken from the CKC website
 Finding a Reputable Breeder  
When you have narrowed your breed choices to a short list and are about to move to the next and most important step - the actual purchase of the dog - you must locate a reputable breeder. 

Purebred dogs are sold through various channels but the only source we recommend is from a knowledgeable breeder who specializes in your breed of choice. Visit a number of breeders and compare the dogs, the facilities and the breeders. Make your final purchase from someone you are comfortable with and who you feel you can trust beyond the day of purchase to be as concerned about your puppy's future as you are.

To assist you in selecting your breeder we strongly recommend that you follow the "Golden Rules" for purchasing a purebred dog. No responsible breeder should have difficulty complying with the following so use them as your yardstick in finding the right breeder with the right dog.

The Golden Rules: Finding a Reputable Breeder

Always visit the kennel. 
Make certain the dam (mother) is on the premises and available for you to see. 
Ask to see health certificates and records of visits to the veterinarian. 
Insist upon being provided with a signed bill of sale stating the puppy is being sold as a purebred. 
Insist upon being provided with a written guarantee. 
Confirm that the dog has been permanently and uniquely identified. 
Confirm CKC registration of the parents, the litter and the puppy you are about to purchase. 
All dogs sold as purebred must be registered.
Ask if the breeder is a member of the CKC.

What's Next?

You have taken the plunge. You are now the proud owner of a CKC registered purebred dog. To assist you in being a great dog owner and to help your new puppy grow into a good neighbour, may we suggest the following:

  • Ensure that you comply with the local by-laws regarding leashing, noise and number of dogs allowed on your premises. 
  • Whether there is a by-law existing or not, religiously adhere to the "poop and scoop" principle. 
  • Never allow your dog to run loose in a park where children are playing, even if it is designated as a "leash-free park" 
  • Enroll your dog in obedience classes. A well-trained dog makes a great neighbour. You can start with Puppy Kindergarten or if that is not available in you area, the Beginners or Novice Class. 
  • Last, but by no means least, have fun with your new dog. We hope that this wonderful new addition to your household will bring great joy and happiness to you and all of the members of your family for many years to come.

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Chester summer 2011
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Gill, Mom and myself with Reese in  Lethbridge at the Lions Foundation of Canada Purina dog walk taking part all over Canada. Another great turn out.